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Manufacturing managers and industrial engineers build and evolve their operations and protocols over time. They are regularly assessing and engineering the standards for each job line, from both a productivity and safety perspective, with an eye toward continuous improvement. However,

On September 17, 2021

Continuous improvement is critical to the most successful process industry companies. These industry leaders strive for year-over-year efficiency improvements by performing annual assessments of labor standards, standard work, and overall operations.  Iterate Labs works with a number of these leading

On September 7, 2021

5G Studio, now in its second year, enables leading innovators to leverage Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) at Newlab to develop transformative technologies applied to industries such as mobility, energy, and industrial automation Read the

On August 9, 2021

I’m sure most by now have heard of 5G as the latest standard in cellular networks, as well as that 5G can theoretically offer speeds up to 100x faster than current 4G. While it can enhance our personal and leisure

On May 11, 2021

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), is one of the most commonly used terms in manufacturing operations and excellence, and it has been this way for quite some time. It is the gold standard for understanding how your manufacturing operation is performing

On April 23, 2021

Wearable technology is one of the fastest-growing technology industries, now outpacing the growth of smartphones. Compared to smartphones and other well-developed digital devices, wearables are more sleek and easy to interact with. Fitness trackers are great examples of the roles

On April 9, 2021

High turnover, high absenteeism, and low engagement are some of the largest issues facing the manufacturing industry. Given the workforce is the most crucial resource for sustained success and growth, it is no surprise that the big three above lead

On April 7, 2021

Iterate Labs, a startup with Cornell beginnings that uses wearable sensors and computer vision to drive factory production and worker safety, has obtained $1 million in seed funding to support the company’s growth. In 2016, Jason Guss(Ph.D. ’18, co-founder and

On March 19, 2021

In 2018, there were 21.8 million manufacturing employees, making up 8.51% of the workforce in the United States ( Each of these workers perform manual, physical labor daily, and it is the same globally. Worldwide, nearly 75% of the workforce

On March 17, 2021

SensrTrx and Iterate Labs Establish Partnership Manufacturing analytics application and digitized workforce productivity platform join forces to maximize manufacturing productivity. Ithaca, NY, March 17, 2021 –Iterate Labs and SensrTrx have formed a partnership to help manufacturers get maximum visibility into

On March 17, 2021