With Mentore’s smartwatch and AI technology, workers are better connected with your trainers, supervisors, and managers.

The smartwatch transmits their digital motion data 10 times a second. Then the AI analyzes it in near real time and produces valuable dashboards that your people can use to personalize training and supervision for each worker.

For example, Mentore provides you with insights into the Three Ts of training:

  • Technique
  • Tools
  • Timing

Before Mentore, there was no way to capture and know this.

“Until Mentore came along we didn’t have a way to identify the specific motions that were causing injuries. Mentore gives us the opportunity to see the data and make it better.”
— Plant Safety Manager

For new workers, companies using Mentore can Train to Retain — getting them to higher proficiency and productivity faster, which leads to much higher retention.

Even experienced workers need to update their skillset from time to time, and Mentore gives them the information that they need to do so.

And workers are thrilled that the company is using modern technology to help assure their success and employment.

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