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Improving training, retention, productivity, and safety in meat processing plants

Traditionally meat processing plants have suffered from high turnover: 75-100% turnover per year is not unusual. With the constant use of razor-sharp knives, this high turnover creates additional safety concerns, too, in addition to the expected challenges related to training, retention, and productivity.

Such high turnover, though, creates an opportunity, too. A high percentage of workers is going through training on a regular basis. This presents distributors with a unique way to impact most of their workforce in just a few months. Trainers using Mentore have found that the in-depth knowledge of the progress of each individual worker that it provides is critical to getting them to full productivity faster. And since workers are most prone to injuries in the first few months of work, Mentore can significantly reduce injuries, too.

With improved training and safety — and the company‚Äôs visible commitment to modern technology on their behalf as demonstrated by the smartwatch — workers are likely to stay with the company longer.

In just a few weeks meat and poultry processing
plants have realized such results as:

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In the past few years, I have been witnessing a trend of tenured, qualified workers retiring faster than companies can replace them with new hires. The mentore software addresses this imbalance by learning the best practice of the highest-performing supervisors & workers and then applying those learnings to engage, train, and qualify new hires, thereby dramatically improving both productivity and retention.

Jason Santamaria

President, Stanley and Decker Healthcare

We call this Train to Retain.

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