Improving training, retention, productivity, and safety in distribution centers

Distribution centers have perhaps the highest turnover of any industry, with some centers experiencing 200% turnover or higher every year. And this creates significant challenges when it comes to training, productivity, and safety.

Such high turnover, though, creates an opportunity, too. A high percentage of workers is going through training on a regular basis. This presents distributors with a unique way to impact most of their workforce in just a few months. Trainers using Mentore have found that the in-depth knowledge of the progress of each individual worker that it provides is critical to getting them to full productivity faster. And since workers are most prone to injuries in the first few months of work, Mentore can significantly reduce injuries, too.

With improved training and safety – and the company’s visible commitment to modern technology on their behalf as demonstrated by the smartwatch – workers are likely to stay with the company longer.

In just a few weeks companies have produced
such results as:

training costs






I find that data analytics and technology are the most effective approaches to risk management. I start with analyzing worker and process data. Based on those insights, I train workers to perform their tasks correctly. It prevents injuries, enhances productivity, and retains workers. The mentor does the same.

Ron Bellow

Consulting Services Manager, AIG Insurance

We call this Train to Retain.

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